Make a special shaker card

Hello crafty friends

I needed to make a ‘BIG’ birthday card for a close friends Dad, he reached the amazing age of 100 recently, a whole century old!!! 💙 I used a design I had made for a Christmas card, using a 7″ square card blank, blue papers and Kraft card instead of my usual gold to make it more masculine.

I love all the sequins and sparkles in the centre shaker and the poinsettias, do you?

His special day was just before Christmas so I thought the poinsettia collection from Marta’s @Drop of Sunshine digital papers and flowers would make it look really special.

I have made a tutorial which I will pop below from my YouTube channel showing how I made a Christmas card exactly the same as this one, I just added the 100 numbers on top of the shaker window instead of the Christmas sentiment. It is a relaxed tutorial with step by step instructions, showing you lots of detail and my thought pattern as I make the card with you.

You could also use the shaker panel on the top of a gift box or bag. Now wouldn’t that be something special 😍

If you haven’t got these papers, flowers and ephemera you can use whatever you have in your stash.

I also made a 7″ square flip top box for this card too. I scored some white card with a double line cross pattern for a bit of extra interest. If you’d like to see how this was made just let me know and I’ll make a tutorial for you

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Your support is always appreciated 😁 

If you have any questions please pop them in the comments and I will reply as soon as I get a notification.

To see how this card is made just grab a cuppa and click the picture below to watch the tutorial. Hope you enjoy!

Until next time

Suzi xxx


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Super Easy Sympathy card or card for any occasion

Hello crafty friends

I made a tri fold sympathy card for a neighbour from all our village, such a very sad time 💙 Marta’s Drop of Sunshine papers, leaves and sentiment were perfect for the occasion 💙 the links to Marta’s shop to buy them can be found in the description box in the Youtube tutorial links below.

This card is so super easy and quick to make, you will love it. Just change the sentiment and you can make it into a card for any occasion. It doesn’t take much paper at all, in fact you could probably use up your scraps of patterned papers and plain card. I used a pearlised navy card to go with the blue papers I chose but you can use any papers and card you have in your stash if you don’t have these.

To show you how to make this gorgeous card, below are links to two tutorials for a card like this. The first is a quick tutorial, the second is much longer. I just used a different sentiment on the card I’ve pictured below.

🟠 You can see how I make a sympathy card like this in my quick ‘music only’ tutorial here

🟡 or Craft- a -Long with me and see all the measurements and how I make in more detail here

Should you be inspired by my card remember you can pop some pics of your makes on my Facebook group . I would love to see what you make.

Hope you enjoy. Let me know in the comments what you think of this design and your favourite colours for sympathy cards.

Until next time

Suzi 💖 xx

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Make this wonderful Mothers Day card with Drop of Sunshine’s new collection”Spring Awaiting”

Hello Crafty friends

So lovely to be back with step by step written instructions and photo’s of each step, showing you all how to make this super Mothers Day card 💖

Marta Debicka aka Drop of Sunshine asked if I would make something for Mothers Day with her great new collection of designer papers, card inserts and ephemera called “Spring Awaiting” and this is what I have come up with. Available exclusively at you can buy the designer paper and ephemera packs separately or all 3 packs together as the collection which saves you a couple pounds.

If my card inspires you to get in your craft room and make one similar please make sure you post a piccy over on Marta’s fan group Drop of Inspiration as she would love to see what you have made with her new collection and I’d love to see your make too over on my SuziChoclat Crafts group too ❤️

So, let’s get on and make this card… If you would prefer to watch and listed rather than read and see, I have a video over on my YouTube Channel



  • Available exclusively at
  • Drop of Sunshine’s “Spring Awaiting” digital collection.
  • 2 x A4 sheets of 271gsm PermaJet pearl/lustre finish photographic paper
  • Epson Ecotank printer
  • Brother Scan N Cut cutting machine
  • Big Shot die cutting and embossing machine
  • 1 x 6″ square white card blank 250gsm
  • 1 x 5 3/4″ square piece of white card stock 250gsm
  • Apple Blossom Lattice Hearts Embossing folder
  • Thin white crafting string
  • Collall quick dry tacky glue
  • Collall all purpose glue
  • Nuvo Vintage drops – Peachy Keen
  • Distress Ink – tumbled glass
  • Distress Ink – seedless preserve
  • 2 x blending brushes
  • Dot and Dab Double sided adhesive foam tape – 18mm x 3mm
  • Tim Holtz mini guillotine
  • Tim Holtz scissors
  • Sizzix hot glue gun


Once you have purchased and downloaded the “Spring Awaiting” digital collection, print page 1 (a sheet of sentiments and flowers) and page 12 (a sheet of leaves) from the ephemera pack. I used photographic paper to print mine this time but you can use any white card stock you have that is around 200-250gsm.


I used my Brother Scan N Cut machine to fussy cut the leaves, sentiments and flowers setting a 0.04 outset border in Scan -> Direct Cut.

The edges of a couple of leaves were hard to pick up when scanning and cut the tops off a couple but they cut out and I was happy with the way they looked. This also happened when cutting a couple of the sentiments but I actually love the random look that the machine gave to those sentiments and will continue the jagged edge around the diamond shape with my scissors! You can see what happened when cutting in the pics below. What do you think?

If you’d like to see more Scan N Cut tutorials pop over to my YouTube channel where I have a series of different things I’m showing you how to do with your machine.

You can use scissors to fussy cut these elements out if you don’t have an electric cutting machine. Just leave a small white border around each of the elements.


I arranged the leaves on the piece of 5 3/4″ square white card diagonally from the top left corner to the bottom right corner, filling the bottom part of the card. I left some leaves hanging over the edges to make the pattern more effective. When I was happy with the lay out, I glued the leaves into place with Collall quick dry tacky glue and trimmed around the edges with my scissors cutting off all the overhanging leaves.


Once the leaves had dried I laid the piece of card with the leaves facing upwards inside the lattice hearts embossing folder and ran it through my Big Shot. This not only embossed the pattern from the folder but also pressed the leaves flat into the card stock.


Using 2 blending brushes I lightly coloured the edges of the card front with a little distress inks. Firstly with the seedless preserve and then with the tumbled glass around the edges and then very lightly using the residue on the seedless preserve brush over the embossed part of the card front, missing out the parts covered with the leaves.


I added double sided foam tape to the back of the sentiment, leaving a gap at the bottom to glue the tassels.


Using Collall quick dry tacky glue I ran a thin bead of glue along the shape of the embossed lines through the centre of the card front. Next I laid the string over the glue, pressed into place and cut to size. The glue dries clear so if a little oozes out you shouldn’t see it but if there is a lot I would pick it up with a pokey tool, pin or cocktail stick so the glue doesn’t spread outside of the embossed lines.


I cut 10 pieces of white string 2 1/2″ long, laid them touching each other side by side long ways across a piece of sellotape (you could use washy tape). Then I turned the sellotape over and stuck it to my desk to keep it flat while I run a little hot glue along the edge of the string at the sellotape end. Pressing the hot glue with a piece of release paper from double sided tape makes sure all the strings stuck together.

After taking the picture of the string below, I decided to add another 2 strings to make the tassels a little wider. You can see this in the finished card.


I put another line of hot glue on the already glued end of the tassels and then laid the sentiment on the top ensuring the point at the bottom of the sentiment was centre of the tassels, making sure that the hot glue and tassels stuck at the bottom of the sentiment where I left the gap when sticking on the double sided foam tape. When the hot glue had dried I removed the sellotape from my desk and the rosette sentiment was ready to decorate with the Peachy Keen Vintage Nuvo drops.

On each point of the “Happy Mothers Day” sentiment shape I added a small drop.

I decided where I was going to have my sentiment and then marked the dots in the centre of the embossed lines where it was laying with a pencil. Using the Peachy Keen Nuvo drops I made a small drop on every other dot throughout the centre of the embossed lines on the card front, making sure I didn’t put any on the ones marked with pencil as I didn’t want any Nuvo drops underneath the sentiment.

See picture above.


I removed the release paper from the back of the foam tape and added some Collall quick dry tacky glue to give me some wiggle room and then positioned on the card front pressing in to place. The wet glue also ensures the sentiment stays stuck even when the foam tape adhesive dried out if the card is treasured and kept for many years.

Using Collall all purpose glue I covered the back of the card front, then adhered it to the 6″ square card base ensuring I left an equal border all the way around the card.

See picture above.


I laid the sentiment for the inside on my desk and placed some of the flowers I had fussy cut from the sentiment sheet under the right hand side until I was happy with the arrangement. I then used the Collall quick dry tacky glue to stick them into place to the back of the sentiment. Once dried, I used the same glue to cover the back of the sentiment only (not the flowers) and then placed inside the card on the right hand side slightly above centre. When dry I lifted the flowers up a little and curved the edges so they were not totally flat on the card.

And that’s the card complete, hope you like it 🥰

Don’t forget to leave me a comment and a like if you enjoyed my tutorial today. Would love to know your thoughts on this card in the comments below 😃 Until next time ~ SuziChoclat x


2. 👀 L O O K 👀 HOW EASY a Scan N Cut makes … fussy cutting stamped images and making shadow layers

Hello Crafty friends

This is the second tutorial in my series of 👀 L O O K 👀 HOW EASY a Scan N Cut makes …

Today you will learn how to fussy cut a stamped image and make a coloured shadow layer all on your machine.

  • I start with 4 stamped Happy Birthday sentiments in different coloured inks
  • Show you how to prepare the images for cutting
  • Show you how to scan them to your machine
  • Show you how to set your machine to cut the sentiments with an outline border of different widths
  • Show you how to make a shadow layer in 3 different colours, for the sentiments to sit on.
  • Show you a hack/what to do if you have to leave your machine, it times out and you lose your cutting files

There are so many Tips, Tricks and Handy Hints in this step by step tutorial, it’s a MUST WATCH tutorial if you are the proud owner of a Scan N Cut machine.

Do you use your machine with confidence or is it packed away in a cupboard as you don’t quite know what to do with it? Let me know in the comments.

This collection of short tutorials is especially for those that want to learn how to do different things with their Scan N Cut machine. I will be showing you how to use your machine for everyday crafting.

You can find the first tutorial in this series 1. 👀 L O O K 👀 HOW EASY a Scan N Cut makes … Fussy cutting digital images you have printed/bought by clicking on this link

I have quite a few things in mind that I can show you but I’d really like to know what you need to know to enhance your crafting or would like me to cover. I need to be able to do a step by step tutorial in around 30-40 mins, so no grand projects just yet.

Please be brave and let me know, I’m already looking forward to reading your ideas.

Thank you for visiting my blog and YouTube channel today. Don’t forget to give me a 👍 and comment and if you haven’t already subscribed hit the button and the bell icon so you don’t miss the rest of this series.

I really appreciate your support it will help my tutorials be recognised by YouTube so other beginner Scan N Cutters can see them too 😍

Click the centre of the picture above to watch the step by step tutorial.

Until next time
Take Care
SuziChoclat xx

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Step by Step instructions to make a Gorgeous Christmas Shaker Card

Hello Crafty Friends

I chose to make a Christmas Poinsettia Shaker card for you all today. My tutorial is not rushed, I take my time so that you can follow the step by step instructions. Let me know if you like it and will have a go at making it.

As you watch you’ll see a few links pop up in the top right corner of the screen, these take you to either a tutorial I’ve mentioned or ones I think you would be interested in. Just click on the link when you’re ready to watch.

As well as making my Poinsettia shaker card front into a gorgeous card, it could also be stuck on the top of a gift box. Now wouldn’t that make a very special present.

Look out for the tips and tricks about using greaseproof baking paper to make it really easy to add your foam tape to the shaker window plus I’m making the shaker element a different way to the traditional. A third option of how to make the Shaker window can be seen in my Shaker card tutorial on Drop of Sunshine blog hop here

Todays card took me just under an hour to make, so why don’t you grab a cuppa and have 50 minutes of relaxed and inspirational crafting streamed right into your home. A list of the supplies used are below, along with a couple of links to Drop of Sunshine’s digital collection used. Of course you don’t need to use these, you can use any papers, flowers, dies or ephemera you have in your stash.

If you have any questions I will happily do my best to answer them, just leave them in the comments below.

Until next time

SuziChoclat xx




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~ Various pieces from Drop of Sunshine Christmas Digital collection

~ Drop of Sunshine Poinsettia Handmade Flowers and leaves

~ Drop of Sunshine Blue/Grey Digital designer paper – link to come

~ A 7″x7″ white card base

~ A piece of acetate around 5″ or 13cm square for shaker window

~ 2 A4 sheets of Kraft card ~ 1 plain circle die 3 5/8ths” or 9.1cm

~ 1 scallop edged circle die 4 1/2″ or 10.3cm to inward points

~ Swirly die set from Tonic called Frond Finesse

~ A small amount of gold florists sisal

~ 4 small half pearls ~ Nuvo Pure Sheen sequins – Ruby Red, Light Gold and Diamond

~ Nuvo Pure Sheen Confetti – Blue Dusk Diamonds, Silver Tinsel Snowflakes, Fiery Phoenix circles

~ A small piece of greaseproof baking paper

~ Double sided adhesive foam tape (also called 3D foam tape). Mine was 18mm wide x 3mm deep cut down the middle (watch how I do it so your scissors don’t get stuck up!)

~ Very narrow red liner tape

~ Collall construction glue and Quick grab PVA glue

~ Sizzix hot glue gun

~ Gemini Junior Die Cutting Machine

~ Tim Holtz Mini guillotine

~ Tim Holtz Pokey Tool

~ Tonic ball tool

~ Black foam mouse mat

~ Bone folder

~ Scissors

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Use A4 card to make a large reinforced sided box for special cards and Be In It To WIN It Raffle!

Hello everyone

Have you ever wanted to make a box this size but didn’t have any 12”x 12” card so had to buy some or change your plans??

Using just your normal A4 card stock 😮 I’ve made an 8” x 8” x 1” deep, reinforced sides presentation box video tutorial. This is now up on my YouTube channel showing step by step instructions.

Let me know if this tutorial was helpful in the comments wherever you watch it 😃 Share this post with your crafty friends if it will help them too.

Any square or rectangle box size up to 8” x 11.5” can also be made my way. Just check out the templates I show in the video and adjust to the size you need.

New to crafting or just want some help? Just ask me, I’m always happy to oblige and can always record a tutorial about anything you would like to see.


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 I’m currently in the midst of this years Channel Challenge, swimming the 22 miles distance of the English Channel in my pool, 7.25 miles in with 14.75 miles to go and need all the support I can get please 🙏

There is more information in the description box of the YouTube video below with links to my Facebook fundraising page and JustGiving page
If you’d like to donate and enter just make your donation and leave me a message letting me know how many raffle tickets you would like.
I’ll be doing a separate post shortly but just thought I’d take the opportunity to mention it here as I had included a quick show of the makes up for raffle in the tutorial.

Here’s the link to the box tutorial:

Until next time
Suzi xx

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🌺 How to make a special ‘Any occasion’ 8” x 8” card 🌺

Hello Crafty Friends

It’s been such a long time since I have made a blog post, it’s lovely to be back.

It’s world Cardmaking Day so what better day to post my latest card and YouTube tutorial 😍 I’ve had an enforced break after having my shoulder replaced at the end of March, all fixed and now back to crafting 😃

Today I’m showing how to make a special 8” x 8” card, built up in layers to get that very special look. I have used a Happy Birthday sentiment but this card lends itself so well to being a wedding day, anniversary, just for you or thank you card. In fact it could be used for many occasions. The flowers and leaf making wasn’t recorded as I didn’t want the video to be too long but if you’d like to see how they’re made just leave me a comment. There is a list of the products I used at the bottom of this post.

If you like my card I’d really love it if you could help by giving my video a thumbs up or comment over on YouTube. It’s so hard for new creators to get their content noticed or listed by the powers that be, you could help me get back into the YouTube algorithms 🥰 TIA ❤️ Just click on the picture link below.

My next video will show how to make a box for this size card. An 8” square box normally needs 12” square card to make but not everyone has that sized card so I’ll be making my box with an ordinary A4 sheet of card.

Thank you so much for spending some time with me today.
Until next time, enjoy your crafting ❤️
SuziChoclat xx

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~ Drop of Sunshine Goodbye Summer Digital Bundle from Craftstash
~ 1 x 8” square white blank card base 250gsm
~ Crafters Companion Gold non shed glitter card 7 3/4” square
~ Versa Magic Dew Drop, Red Magic multi surface chalk ink
~ Ranger Distress Oxide ink Brushed Corduroy
~ Dry wipe
~ Piece of white card 250gsm 6” square
~ Square stencil
~ Tonic Nuvo Mica Spray Beryl Swirl
~ Emboss clear embossing ink pad
~ Cosmic Shimmer Bright Gold detail embossing powder
~ Piece of white card 250gsm 5” square
~ Creative Expressions Sue Wilson die, New Zealand Collection – Wellington
~ Viva Decor Inka Gold fast drying metal gloss paint
~ Tonic Frond Finesse die set (Gold swirly piece)
~ Heartfelt Creations Dahlia stamp and die
~ Sheet of white flower foam
~ Red Stamens
~ Heartfelt Creations rose leaf stamp and die
~ Ranger Distress ink, two shades of green
~ Glossy accents
~ Nuvo Aroma Drops Damask Rose
~ CardMaking Magic sentiment – Essential verses
~ Dot and Dab Double sided adhesive foam tape, 18mm x 3mm
~ Collall glue
~ PVA glue
~ Heat gun
~ Sizzix hot glue gun
~ Tim Holtz Mini guillotine
~ Tim Holtz scissors
~ Tonic ball tool
~ Black foam mouse mat
~ Bone folder
~ Small paint brush

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Hello Crafty Friends

Here is a project that is right on time for you to make a card for that special person in your life.

In todays video I’m making a really easy card suitable for Valentines Day or any special occasion, using the coloured scraps of card that most of us save, saying we’ll use them for something! Instead of using my plain card scraps, I picked out all my sparkly, glitter, shimmer, mirri card in red, black and pink and came up with a very simple design that would suit anyone. You can always change the pink hearts for another red or black if you prefer.

It is a really straight forward card with step by step audio instructions including some tips and tricks. I hope this gives you some inspiration for your card making, let me know what you think. Thank you for popping over to my blog, don’t forget to subscribe if you’d like to see more of my tutorials.

Will you have a go?

Until next time 👋

SuziChoclat xx


CRAFTSTASH has offered Marta (Drop of Sunshine) her very first discount code for 20% OFF on their exclusive brands’ products, this includes: TEXTURES, CARD MAKING MAGIC, SIMPLY MADE CRAFTS, APPLE BLOSSOM, DAISY MAE DESIGNS, PAPER DISCOVERY, PRETTY QUICK AND CREATIVE CRAFT PRODUCTS!!!!




( not including CraftStash, PSOC or Made To Surprise; Offer Ends 31 January 2022)


A4 250gsm white card to make card base 6″ x 6″ OR a ready made white card base

6″ x 6″ square piece of white card 6″ x 6″ square

APPLE BLOSSOM embossing folder EFOB0060 Lattice Hearts – All occasion collection

DEW DROP – Versamagic multi surface chalk ink in Red Magic colour

COLLALL All Purpose Glue Red, Pink and Black scraps of Chunky Glitter, Mirriand plain card stock

COLLALL Strass glue

CREATIVE Stitched Nestables Hearts die set – two centre dies

SIMPLY MADE CRAFTS By Helen Griffin Love and Laughter A4 stamp set – sentiment and birds stamp

One x 6″ x 6″ DOVECRAFT card insert with scalloped edges

1/4″ double sided adhesive tape

SIZZIX Big Shot die machine

TIM HOLTZ small guillotine


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‼️How to REALLY personalise a card ‼️

Hello Crafty Friends

Today I’m showing you how I REALLY personalised a card for a 60th Birthday.

I am so very excited to share this info with you, my card has been featured in the December CraftWorld Digi magazine 6 and Featured Crafter of The Week in January 2022.

I had a request to make a special 60th birthday card with a walking theme for a man.

To make it personal I asked some things about hubby Paul and the sort of things she would like included in the card. Walking boots, sign post, a pint of beer and puppy Jasper dragging his blanket out of his bed seemed a great request! So I set to designing a card with my head buzzing with so many ideas.

I chose a special fold of card that had a section I could stand two people looking over towards a scene of Pauls favourite holiday walking place Keswick, and lots of sections to place things that were personal to Paul. This is what I came up with. The front of the card features the signpost Janet asked for with Keswick pointing towards a 5”x7” scene I hand painted on the 3rd part of the card. The walking boots are the brand of boot Paul wears. I found them on the internet and coloured them to match his boots including the brand label on the boot. The rucksack is also the same colour as Paul’s and the brand as boots. Coming out of the top of the rucksack are two bottles of beer which are removable.

The couples clothes and hairstyle are made to resemble the colours of Paul and Janet’s and puppy is a Black Tri Border Collie/Kelpie just like Jasper. As the card opens out there is a pint glass of beer, a champagne bucket with bottles and two glasses and Jasper pulling his blanket out of his bed along with an K sign of Keswick.

The third part of the card features the scene of Keswick. I started off pencil drawing the sort of scene I wanted. Then using a mixture of a few outline stamps for the trees and lots of free hand painting using ink pads rather than paints, the scene finally appeared. It took many hours to get to the stage of being happy with what I had produced. I am no artist but was really pleased with the outcome of the scene design and over the moon when I showed it to a crafty friend and she said it’s Keswick without me telling her !!!

The front and back of the tri fold card is covered in travel related papers. Finally I made a wrap for the card and stamped the front panel with a big Happy Birthday, dog paws and made some bunting. The wrap seals closed with a Velcro dot. Below is a video of the completed card including progress shots from beginning to end. Really loved the challenge of creating this very special card ❤️

In my video I talk you through everything, hope it gives you some inspiration when you next need to make a personalised birthday card. Whatever the theme, take time to find out lots about the person the card is for. You will be amazed at how stunned they are when they see a card that is all about them 💖

Enjoy watching how I created the card and let me know your thoughts. Would you make something like this? I’d love to see any personalised cards you make after watching my video. Links are below the video.

Until next time


SuziChoclat xx


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LINK TO SAM CALCOTT MIXED UP CRAFT TUTURIAL for all measurements and card base instructions…

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A great big thank you

A great big thank you to everyone who came along to the Premiere of my first blog hop last night ❤️❤️ it was really exciting, we all had a great time hope you did too.

For those who weren’t able to be there on Saturday, the videos are all now available to watch in a playlist, just click on Marta’s video below and then the words YouTube at the bottom of her screen and you will go straight to the play list. This makes it much easier to find all 5 videos if you want to enter the giveaway for one of Marta’s beautiful Box of Sunshine 1 😃 The rules for entry are at the end of each video. Good Luck if you enter 🍀🍀

We all gained some new subscribers which was fabulous, but best of all were the lovely comments left appreciating the 5 projects we had created with the contents of Marta’s box ❤️❤️ thank you to everyone 😊 xxx

Enjoy your day, the sun is shining, happy crafting 😁

Until next time


SuziChoclat xx

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My First Craft Blog Hop and☀️Giveaway☀️

Welcome to my first Craft Blog Hop run by Marta Debicka of Drop of Sunshine 😍😍

There are 5 videos, all are 10 minutes or less, please join us for 50 minutes of inspirational crafting streamed right into your home. Grab a cuppa and take a seat 😃

Someone has to win the ☀️ Box of Sunshine ☀️ cardmaking set … and it could be you 🤞🍀🤞🍀

All the blog hop links are in the drop out description box under each of the videos. Here is my video to get you started. To enter the giveaway you need to watch, like, comment and subscribe on each of the 5 channels. I’ll pop a video of the Box of Sunshine below so you can see what is up for the GIVEAWAY.

Look forward to see you all over on YouTube.
Have a watch of the video below to see all the contents of the ‘Box of Sunshine’ you could win. Good Luck to you all 🤞🍀🤞🍀 Giveaway closes on 31 January 2022 and is open internationally so all welcome.

Until next time


SuziChoclat xxx

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A Fun Doggy Card Made For A Friends Birthday


Like me, my friend Deb is passionate about her border collie dogs so I made a fun card of her 3 dogs rounding up a very grumpy sheep!
The background grass, blue sky and sunshine was created with distress inks blended on to white card stock with a foam blending tool and then chopped up to fit the tri fold base card sections leaving an 1/8th ” white border.

I stamped the dogs, sheep and butterflies on to white cardstock, then coloured them with Promarkers. A little gold pen was added for the tri colour markings on the dogs and then fussy cut out with my scissors. The butterfly wings were covered with glossy accents to give them some dimension, a little fold in the middle and then looked like they were fluttering.

At this point I was ready to put the card together. I used Collall glue to add the background to the card base to give it a bit more strength. With foam tape I added the sheep in the middle section and a dog on each panel to look like they were rounding up the grumpy sheep 😁 A few little clumps of grass were added around the scene also on foam tape.

The bees were stamped directly onto the background, coloured and the wings covered with glossy accents to give some dimension. The butterflies were added directly to the card with a little quick grab pva glue.

The banner at the very top was fussy cut off a piece of paper I had in my stash and added in swoops along with a silver glitter wooden 60. A sentiment from the doggy stamp set was added across the centre top with two tone colours to match the background.

There is a panel to write a message to the recipient on the back of the centre panel along with a Happy Birthday stamped sentiment which finished the card off nicely.

My friend really loved her card, hope you do too and if you are a crafter it gives you some ideas and inspiration for your own card making ❤️

It would be lovely if you leave me a like or a comment with your thoughts. Thank you for stopping by.

Until next time


SuziChoclat xx

My apologies

My apologies I haven’t updated my blog in a few months. I have been concentrating on setting up other social media platforms and will shortly copy over a lot of new posts. Thank you for your patience, SuziChoclat xx

Hello Crafty friends

👀 L O O K 👀 HOW EASY A Scan N Cut makes fussy cutting!!

Are you the proud owner of a Scan N Cut machine? Do you use it with confidence or is it packed away in a cupboard as you don’t quite know what to do with it? Let me know in the comments.

This is the first video in a collection of short tutorials where I will be showing you how to use your machine in your everyday cardmaking. I have quite a few things in mind that I can show you how to do but I’d really like to know what topics you’d like me to cover.

Let’s work as a team so you can learn what you can do with your fabulous Scan N Cut. Just remember I need to be able to do the tutorial in under 30 mins so no grand projects just yet.

Be brave and let me know, I’m already looking forward to reading your ideas.

Todays tutorial is about fussy cutting these images out on your Scan N Cut

Like this

Your Scan N Cut can do so many clever things, however a lot of crafters are led to buy one just to fussy cut images or stamps. So there wasn’t a better topic I could start this collection of videos with.

There are many reasons why crafters may find it difficult to fussy cut with scissors. It may be because of arthritic hands, because we cannot cut a straight line or another reason. Many just think life is too short to waste loads of time cutting out with scissors and while your Scan N Cut is merrily cutting out, you can be doing another part of your crafting or go and make a cuppa!

Talking about a cuppa, hope you’ve got one as the video is ready to start when you hit play below.

Above is a close up so you can see the pencil lines I said I had to do in the video. One was around the top edge of the feather as the end was too light for the scanner to pick up. The other was to join the F to the R to ensure the word friend was cut as one word. If I hadnt have done the line the machine would have cut up between those two letters. I like to use a pencil on coloured image like this as it can easily be rubbed out once cut.

What I’d use in stamped images will be in another tutorial 😉
So that’s it for today, don’t forget to let me know what you’d like me to do a quick tutorial on in the comments here or on my SuziChoclat YouTube channel after you’ve watched the tutorial.

Thank you for visiting my blog today, I’d be grateful if you’d give me a 👍

Until next time

SuziChoclat xx

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Fancy making Foamiran Flowers?

Attended a fabulous live craft-a-long with Drop of Sunshine this evening, learning how to make flowers out of foamiran for my card making.

Quite chuffed with my first flower and bud 🌸what do you think?

To watch Marta’s the tutorial click here

I will be practicing to improve my technique as it was rather hit or miss ☺️will be back with more flowers soon.

Thank you for popping in to look at my post today.

Until next time 🖐

SuziChoclst xx


Is it just me?

Not something that I’d normally post about, this blog post I’m sharing has a great introduction to something we don’t normally talk about publicly.

Sharing for two reasons, 1/ It is very well written and 2/ I could almost have written #zebrapsych’s post myself!!

Suffering from the same Hypermobility condition and long term UTI’s, it’s not ‘just you’ or ‘just me’ , I’m learning there are more and more of us Zebra’s in the same situation.

Luckily I have been referred to a Urologist, who I feel is listening to my wonky body. Now trying a combination of medication and vitamins as a preventative. Fingers crossed 🤞

Does this resonate with you or someone you know, if so do pass it on x

Zebra Psych

The start of Sarah Ramey’s book, Her Lady’s Handbook for Her Mysterious Illness, begins with a warning to the reader:

“Dear Reader,

There may exist a graceful and elegant way to begin one’s gynecological and colorectal memoir, but it never does spring to mind.”

As well as setting the scene for Ramey’s humourous, candid and frank account of many years of illness that is to follow, it tells us more than that. It alerts the reader this is what is to come: specific and detailed accounts of complex medical experiences of intimate and rarely spoken parts of the body, certainly not when these parts of the body go wrong. The overriding message: this is embarrassing, I have had to overcome a great deal to share so much publicly, let alone publish a whole damn book about it. We are taught, and quickly learn, that these are not things to share…

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Come and support me swim 22 miles English Channel Distance Challenge for Aspire 🏊🏻‍♀️🏊🏻‍♀️

Hello everyone

It’s time to swim the 22 miles English Channel distance again 🎉🥳🎈

I’m back swimming after a very long enforced break during the lockdowns. Now to get swim fit again! I’ll be swimming the challenge this year at a local private pool as my usual pool is still closed from the Covid restrictions, it’s only 12m long so involves a lot of turning 😂😂

Progress posts will start here on my blog and on my Swimming Facebook page soon.

I have just opened my 2021 JustGiving page and recorded my first swimming sessions on my Aspire timeline. I’m currently 3rd in the leaderboard on the Aspire Channel Swim Challenge website.

However you can support me I will be truly grateful ❤️

If it is by way of comments, likes or shares that would be fabulous, I’ll need your help to get me through the 22 miles there and then hopefully another 22 miles back.

If you have a few £££’s or pennies to spare, please consider clicking here to go over to my JustGiving page or the ‘LEARN MORE’ button at the top of my Facebook page to DONATE to Aspire.

They are a National Charity and work tirelessly supporting people with spinal injury. We will both be ever grateful for your support ❤️ It gets harder every year to find people to sponsor me or donate.

PRIZES 🎁 – There will be a few simple events this year, like raffles or an auction for whatever prizes I can get my hands on 😃😃😃 plus I will have some of my wonderful #SuziChoclat handmade cards and projects up for grabs too.

As you may know in 2012 my vertebrae slipped severely squashing my spinal cord and spinal nerves. I had to have major surgery fusing and putting in rods and screws to hold the vertebrae in place. After a very long rehabilitation I was very lucky to get away with just damaged spinal nerves. But in 2015 I again needed another major back surgery, since then my life has changed totally and swimming is the only exercise I can do without too much pain.

Then in September 2020 I was diagnosed with HSD (Hypermobile Spectrum Disorder, possibly hEDS). This is a college disorder which makes the ligaments all over my whole body far too loose to hold my joints in place. They often slip out of line, sublux or dislocate causing awful pain. I also have Fibromyalgia, early onset osteoarthritis in most of my major joints, Raynauds and a host of other conditions that all come with HSD/hEDS 🙁

🏊🏻‍♀️🏊🏻‍♀️🏊🏻‍♀️🏊🏻‍♀️ So for the 4th year I’m taking on the Aspire Channel Swim 2021, swimming the distance of the English Channel to raise money for the National charity Aspire. So far in 2017, 2018 & 2019 I’ve completed the challenge each year, been a leaderboard winner plus raised over £5,300, which I am so very proud of.

Every four hours someone is paralysed by Spinal Cord Injury and Aspire provides the essential equipment, advice and housing that spinal cord injured people need to live their lives independently. This is a big challenge, but the more I raise, the more of a difference I’ll make, so please be generous!

If you’d like to read more about my health, the reasons this cause is so close to my heart and my previous years Aspire Channel Distance Swim progress you can have a look at my swimming blog link below. While you’re here why not scroll down and have a look at some of my handmade cards and projects on the SuziChoclat Craft page . This will give you an idea of what could be up for grabs in a raffle or auction 😃😃

Thank you for taking the time coming over to my Aspire Channel Distance swim blog for 2021.

Until next time 👋 xx

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It’s time to start the Channel Distance Swim again 🏊🏻‍♀️🏊🏻‍♀️🏊🏻‍♀️

Hello everyone, it’s a long time since I last posted about swimming and fundraising for the National charity Aspire. They work tirelessly supporting those with spinal injury, a cause very close to my heart as you may know.

Do hope some of my blog followers get see this post, please would you all do me a favour and give this post a like and say hello in a comment below 😃 any help you can give me would be brilliant ❤️

I’ve been back swimming for about a month now gradually building the lenghts up and will be posting again later with more details of this years Aspire channel swim and my 2021 JustGiving page.

I understand money is short but this is not all about raising funds, it’s also about me asking you for support to get me through the 22 miles distance to France and the 22 miles back.

There will be a few simple events this year, like raffles or an auction for whatever prizes I can get my hands on 😃😃😃 plus I will have some of my wonderful #SuziChoclat handmade cards and projects up for grabs too.

So please leave me a quick comment below before you carry on scrolling so I know I’m not just chatting with myself 😂😂😂

Looking forward to hearing from you all xx

Much love Suzi 💕🏊🏻‍♀️💕🎉💕🏊🏻‍♀️💕🏊🏻‍♀️💕🎈

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YOU MUST TRY THIS ~ Make this amazing heart with just embossing powders! Part 2

Hello Crafty Friends

I’m back again with a Part 2 to the video I posted yesterday showing how I made a gorgeous Mixed Media heart. In that video I offered to make a tutorial showing the process I followed to make the gleaming base of the heart. Well, I received a request from a lovely lady called Wendy (or @Grandmaw on CraftWorld), so I kept to my word and here it is!

Have you got lots of embossing powders in your stash that you hardly use? Well, this is for you …

This tutorial is for any beginner crafters, those new to Mixed Media or You if you’ve bought lots of embossing powders but don’t know what to do with them or never seem to use them.

Today I’m showing the actual process step by step creating the wonderful base, just as I explained in the AWESOME Green Mixed Media Heart tutorial. I have left the embossing process part of this tutorial as recorded and not sped up any of it purely so you can see exactly how much powders I have used and see how the molten coloured embossing powders merge and sink together as they are layered up to create a beautiful clear glass / resin type surface.

If you don’t have any pre cut grey board shapes or grey board to cut your own, try sticking together a few layers of cereal box or similar with strong glue and then cut your shape.

If you don’t have any acrylic paint or gesso try covering your cardboard with a sheet of white paper stuck on with strong glue. I haven’t tried this but might be worth a go?

You can also reheat the surface if you leave too long in between layers (as I did while explaining). This will cut out having to dab with embossing ink.

Thank you for spending some time with me today watching this tutorial, I really appreciate your support in growing my channel. As always if you have any questions or feedback please leave them in the comments.

Until next time, take care 👋

SuziChoclat xx

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WOW ~ Use Embossing powders how you’ve never used them before

Hello Crafty friends

You’re going to LOVE seeing how I make this gorgeous mixed media heart in the video tutorial below, isn’t it just awesome!!

Get out whatever colour embossing powders you choose to use along with a pot of clear embossing powder. If you haven’t got the products I use it doesn’t matter.

Sort through any bits and bobs you have collected in the bottom of drawers, not necessarily craft stash, this could be old or broken jewellery, keys, chains, buttons. Mixed media is just that, so use whatever you have at home. It will all be covered with colour to match your project. If you have some stencils and texture paste or similar you can also use that.

If you don’t have a grey board pre cut shape as I did, you can make your own out of layers of cereal or washing powder box or similar. Just cut two or three shapes and use a strong glue to stick them together on top of each other. You can either paint as I did with some acrylic paint or use some gesso or ink.

Choose whatever colour goes with your embossing powders (I chose white), or cover with a plain sheet of paper or card top and bottom so you have a lovely smooth surface to start with. Remember to use strong glue if you do this as there will be a lot of heat when you melt the embossing powders. Colour the edges of your shape with a felt or marker pen or whatever you have in your stash to match the top and bottom of your shape and your base will be ready.

If you have any questions just pop them in the comments box below.

This is a new journey for me too, only my second piece of this type of art but I’m always happy to share what I have already learnt along the way.

Hope it’s got your crafty brain whirring and you take some inspiration from my video or pick up something you didn’t already know.

Since making the above video I received a request to show the actual process of layering up and melting the embossing powders so I have now made a separate video tutorial showing how I create the embossed base. Why not pop over to see the magic happen …

Until next time 👋

Take care and stay safe

SuziChoclat xx

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